Samantha Leigh Miller

writer, reader, teacher

About The Goose Waltzer

On the night Clare Lyndsay had decided would be her last, a knock on the door reintroduces Clare to her next-door neighbor and childhood guardian angel—80-year-old, retired history teacher and recent widower, Albert Henry Hallam.  Albert’s been watching Clare, knows of her plans, knows of her mother’s violent death and Clare’s traumatic history, and has a somewhat criminal plan to rescue Clare from herself. 

On this same night, in different areas of the fictional town of Kinderkamack, NJ, we meet Albert’s soon-to-be accomplice, 12-year-old Cee-Cee who’s been stealing things since her parents’ divorce; Clare’s old school friend, PTSD-stricken Officer Ben Light; and repo-man, Jared Croker, middle-school bully who’s fully grown into his role by adding a methamphetamine addiction, violent, often non-consensual sex with women (lately with Clare), and a soon-to-be murder charge.

I’ve recently finished my literary fiction novel, The Goose Waltzer, a 114,000-word suburban adventure that saves one life, ends another, and transforms an entire town into a world where magic still exists.  At its heart, The Goose Waltzer is about the power of community, one which reminds readers that there is far more that unites us in this world than divides us.  

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