How to Be Good, by Nick Hornby

Oh, to be British! And to be funny! Both of which I will inevitably try and joyfully fail at doing. Some of my favorite lines:

“Bollocks” (p. 5 and throughout) Is there a more dismissive word in the English language? I think not. Something about the air blasted through the lips and the flippant tongue flick at the end. I have yet to try this word in a meeting, but it’s coming…

“cool and slightly stroppy” (p. 28) Context clues tell me “stroppy” is a feeling I’m familiar with and now have a word for, how lovely.

“she might be potty” (p. 30), as in “crazy.” Wow, ok.

“constantly bangs about” (p. 113), because yes, that IS how people sound when they Just. Won’t. Stop. Talking.

“Better than that fuckwit.” (p. 158) This one’s been assimilated to American English and I couldn’t be happier.

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