Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro

So I’m giggling now, (even though this book is surely the cure for the giggles), but I’m giggling anyway because I just did a quick search on the internet to make sure I spelled the author’s name correctly (I’m too lazy to get up and go get the book) and I found the question, “Is Never Let Me Go a true story?”  Um, no.  This book I’m currently reading about a group of clones growing up in a boarding school who will eventually donate their organs, one by one, until they DIE, is (hopefully) not based on a true story.  Now before you say I’ve given away spoilers, let me assure you that this information comes within just the first few pages of the book, which begs the more obvious question—WHY AM I READING IT?  It’s so depressing and told by a narrator I actually don’t like very much (she seems a bit of bully and a rambler and I’m not sure which is worse), so I suppose it’s a testament to Ishiguro’s talent that despite all of this, I’m still here.  I’ll post an update when I’m done, and we’ll see if this book makes it onto my favorite list.  It’s not looking good so far…

Use this link to find this book in your local indie bookstore (our book-buying choices matter!)


Nope, nope, nopenopenope. Then I saw the movie with Kiera Knightly and I LOVE Kiera Knightly and NOPE! Ishiguro is a powerhouse of a writer and see why he earned his Nobel Prize, but nope! Wouldn’t wish that ending on my most cheerful, hated friend.

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  1. i honestly like that u feel different ways when u read it and how it gets more and more interesting and makes u wanna read it again and again and gives u feeling for all your days like i can be happy to read it i can read it sad and helps me feel better or gets me into it more and i wanna just read.

    1. Isn’t that the best thing about books? We can read them at different times in our lives and come away with an entirely different experience–it’s why I love reading 🙂 Maybe I’ll come back to this one in the future, based on what you said. Now I’m curious!

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