The 100-Year-Old-Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, by Jonas Jonasson

If you’ve been feeling old lately, that all the magic is gone from this world, and that life has no more beautiful surprises left for you…this is the book you need to read.  This story is a delight from the very first scene when Allan (the 100-Year-Old-Man) does what all of us fantasize about doing sometimes—slipping out the window and disappearing.  I’ve had this urge at work on more than one occasion, and mind you, I work from home.  Allan slips out the window on the day of his 100th birthday, and the adventure he has once his feet hit the ground on the other side is not one I’ll ruin for you here.  Jonasson’s lightness with words creates such an ease on the page, you barely feel as if you’re reading.  Each session with this book had the effect of lifting me from the banalities of the day and soothing my spirit even after I’d put it down. 

Albert from The Goose Waltzer and Allan would definitely be friends in real life—old, weather-beaten friends who call each other fat and argue over whether Mamie Eisenhower was an alcoholic and share a mutual horror over the rise of pickleball as a sport.

Read the book.  Find the magic again.

Use this link to find this book in your local indie bookstore (our book-buying choices matter!)

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  1. This book did a great job of reminding me that we absolutely have the ability to make moves. We often feel stuck. This book helped me put the more mundane parts of my life on hold once in a while and get out to seek adventure. Great recommendation!

    1. So glad you liked the recommendation; it IS a truly terrific read. If YOU have a recommendation, let me know!

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