The Road, by Cormac McCarthy

This book made me feel cold and achy and in need of VERY fuzzy socks from page one. Almost too bleak to read, but every time I tried to put it down, his little boy drew me back in.  Some of my favorite lines:

“scavenged bowl of the countryside” (p. 19) A giant’s view, or a bird’s. I sometimes see bowls now, instead of hills when I drive.

“where the waters slurried into the pool” (p. 30) I teach Beowulf and this line brought me back to Grendel’s “wound slurry” after the first battle. Like a cherry slurpee from 7-Eleven, according to one of my students.

“teeth claggy with human flesh” (p. 75) is a line I often think about while flossing.

“where the spoken bones of oracles lay moldering” (p. 261)  What a great word, “moldering.”  I sometimes lay on my couch, thinking, daydreaming, moldering…

Use this link to find this book in your local indie bookstore (our book-buying choices matter!).

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