Year of Wonders, by Geraldine Brooks

Having lived through a plague (“lived”? Past tense? Please?) you’d think delving into the world of 1666 London during a wave of the Black Death would be the last thing we need, but no!  It’s exactly the sort of catharsis many of us need.  I read the novel a few years ago and was swept away by the voice of Anna who never falters as those around her pass away, one by one.  Brooks knows exactly how to manage the grief, balance the joy, and tell a mesmerizing story that never succumbs to the horror of its setting.  I’ve started reading Year of Wonders again and to my great joy, I’ve found a brand-new tale within its pages.  Reading is something of a miracle when you think about it.  You read a story, you live, you experience, you read the story again and find an entirely different perspective.  It’s not the story that’s changed, of course.  It’s you.  Proof that readers bring just as much to the pages as authors.

Read this one if you’re in a good place with covid, not if you’ve lost someone recently or are currently struggling.  This story will bring you comfort by placing the heartache just slightly out of reach.  And Anna is amazing.

Use this link to find this book in your local indie bookstore (our book-buying choices matter!)

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  1. I love stories that have strong female leads and what better way to show perseverance than through the lens of 1666 London and the Black Death? This sounds like a compelling read and I’m excited to add it to my summer reading list! Thank you for the inspiration!

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