A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman

This is one of those friend group books, where you meet one person, and they introduce you to a bunch of other cool people you’re so happy to hang out with.  A Man Called Ove introduced me to Fredrik Backman, who has a bunch of other books I was excited to meet.  The first book, though (and particularly angry old Ove) remains my favorite, if only for the opening where Ove visits one of those stores “where owners of Japanese cars come to purchase white cables,” and gets into an altercation with a young sales clerk while trying to buy an “O-pad” that ends in awkward silence, “as if two gunman have suddenly realized they have forgotten to bring their pistols.” Ove reminds me of Albert from The Goose Waltzer, during Albert’s occasional grouchy-old-man episodes (ok, once he was faking, but it was for a good cause).  Read A Man Called Ove for its humor (especially his hilariously vicious descriptions of the world), Ove’s loving neighbors, and his contemptuous cat.  Then go read the rest of Backman (I recommend My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorrydid I mention his characters do crossovers?) and let me know if you enjoyed this friend group as much as I did.

Also, I haven’t seen the movie yet.  I love Tom Hanks, so I’m hopeful—what did you think?

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