Case Histories: A Novel (Jackson Brodie, 1), by Kate Atkinson

You know something is about to go horribly wrong from the first line of this crime fiction book, even though the line reads innocuously enough—“How lucky were they?”—which is a tribute to Atkinson’s deft skill.  I won’t spoil this intricately-weaved set of stories except to say that style-wise, Atkinson does something in the books that we all wish life would do—take a series of seemingly random events and demonstrate how they all work together to form some sort of great pattern in the sky that brings closure and immense satisfaction.  Horror aside (and yes, there is a fair amount of horror, both visual and psychological), her characters, the Brodie character especially, will hook you through at least the first three books in this series.  (Message me on Twitter if you want to hear me rant about the last two, lol)

Use this link to find this book in your local indie bookstore (our book-buying choices matter!)

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